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Are you ready for GAME NIGHT?  Introducing to you Champiooon LIVE!!!  The only place to be to become a Champiooon WINNER!


Champiooon Token has exclusively partnered up with Zonarmy gaming group to ensure that the gaming aspects provide our community the best experiences and most of all fun game nights with prize giveaways and cool competitions.


ZonArmy Giveaway

Moon with Champiooon...  And become the ultimate champ!

Champiooon token is a deflationary, community driven, regenerating automatic liquidity protocol that pays out 3% to holders in token rewards.  
The fundamental goal of Champiooon is to launch a gaming bot interface where players can compete in fun games.  


The Champiooon ECOsystem will extend into 3 active tokens all with unique use cases around the gambling concepts.  If gambling is not for you, don't worry we will have plenty of other fun games to play with free regular giveaways!


Champiooon Eco-System



🔹 Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 CHAMP
🔹 Initial Burned 30%


🔹 Holders Incentive Burn 20%

2% burned at 500 holders

4% burned at 1000 holders

6% burned at 2500 holders

8% burned at 5000 holders
🔹 4% Auto Liquidity
🔹 3% Redistribution to holders
🔹 4% Marketing & Development

🔹 10% Ambassador & Giveaway Wallet

Useful Information
🔹 100% Liquidity locked before launch
🔹 No Mint Function

🔹 Verified Contract

Home: Tokenomics


Frequent competitions will be promoted via telegram channel to reward the community (please join our telegram channel for more information).

Home: Rewards


Join us on the journey: founded June 2021.

Q1-2 2021

  • Build a strong community and social presence. 

  • Launch website.

Q3-4 2021

  • Partnership with Zonarmy, Marketing strategy and increase awareness.

  • Create smart contract.

  • Actively reward community with instant rewards (frequent competitions).

  • Fair launch, no presale or big wallets (the community will be the whales).

  • Lock liquidity and burn 30% of tokens.

  • Actively develop game interface and gamebot

Q1-2 2022

  • Release Champiooon gamebot

  • Launch Whitepaper

  • Update Website

  • Apply for CMC and Coingecko.

  • Apply for TW logo.

  • Apply for various exchanges (depends on holders and volume).

  • Extend and grow the Champiooon ECOsystem

Home: Roadmap
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