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Do you love retro games?  if so, your in the right place!

Champiooon token is a deflationary BSC crypto currency, community driven, regenerating automatic liquidity protocol that pays out 3% to holders in token rewards.  
The fundamental goal of Champiooon is to launch @champy_bot telegram gamebot interface where players can play and share fun mobile games. 

Champiooon token is a deflationary, community driven, regenerating automatic liquidity protocol that pays out 3% to holders in token rewards.  
The fundamental goal of Champiooon is to launch a gaming bot interface where players can compete in fun games.  


The Champiooon ECOsystem will extend into 3 active tokens all with unique use cases around the gambling concepts.  If gambling is not for you, don't worry we will have plenty of other fun games to play with free regular giveaways!


Do you love retro games?  If so, your are in the right place!

Champiooon token is a deflationary BSC crypto currency, community driven, regenerating automatic liquidity protocol that pays out 3% to holders in token rewards.  
The fundamental goal of Champiooon is to launch the greatest telegram gamebot's around where players can play and share fun mobile games. 

Welcome our very own @Champy_bot

Champy bot.jpg

Champy_bot consists of unique mobile friendly games, and can be activated by visiting Telegram and searching for @champy_bot

Scroll right > to view games

More games will get added to Champy_bot to grow the platform!

Telegram Champy_bot games are designed to be mobile phone friendly.  How many people own a mobile phone these days?  Yeah... everyone!!!  There are 500 Million users signed onto Telegram in 2021! ....WOW!!!!!  Imagine how many users could be engaged with games within telegram at one time.... yeah... loads!!!

Champy_bot aims to be the biggest and most widely used gamebot for all Telegram users.  With new and exclusive games being added periodically, there is no reason why Champiooons goals and objectives can't be achieved.  The recent partnership with Gamepix will allow another revenue stream by capitalising on the monetisation agreement which will help stabilize the token by unique buy and burn function.

Champiooon Token is an official partner of Discoburn token (DBT Token).  Although the details of the use case collaboration are not disclosed to the public yet, we can assure that its truly unique and a first within the crypto community.  In addition, Champiooon will offer free advertising via the gamebot to winners of the DBT burn parties and donate a mobile mini game for enjoyment.

DBT Name Transparent.png

Are you ready for 24hr Game Competitions?  Introducing to you Champiooon LIVE!!!  The only place to become a Champiooon WINNER!

Try your chances, daily competitions and giveaways for the community and followers...


Champiooon LIVE gives gamers the opportunity to win free tokens daily by taking part in fun game competitions.

Advertising via Champy_bot:

Forget other useless advertising banners, increase exposure with our gamebot!!!  Champiooon offers exclusive advertising on their custom gamebot for projects to increase exposure.  One game in a telegram can hit thousands of users!  So there can be high returns on investment just by advertising via Champy_bot. 

Also, remember to read our whitepaper ...... 100% of the advertising revenue goes back into Champiooon token 50% via buy back and burn, 50% for marketing purposes.   This will increase the price of Champiooon Token over time, so long term holders will benefit the most.

Please contact a member of the team for more information and potential discount for advertisement. 

To effectively ensure the long term survival of Champy_bot the leader board API function has been disabled.  This restricts the leader board table function within telegram.  This was a decision made by the team with logical reasoning. Within Telegram channels the game leader board automatically locks into the channel, this means that each time someone drops the same game into the group the old leader board becomes visible.  This would jeopardise the advertising principle and key function for revenue and token growth.  


Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 CHAMP
(30% of initial supply has been burned at the start of the project).
🔹 4% Auto Liquidity.
🔹 3% Redistribution of CHAMP tokens to holders.
🔹 4% Marketing & Development.

🔹 Unique Burn function:  Holders Incentive Burn 20%:
2% burned at 500 token holders
4% burned at 1000 token holders
6% burned at 2500 token holders
8% burned at 5000 token holders

Useful Information for investors

🔹 Contract address: 0x11e2e1626271da1a6cb85abeb74302a7d2480d0e
🔹 10% Ambassador & Giveaway Wallet (purely for competitions and giveaways)
🔹 Liquidity locked for +7 years.
🔹 Max 2% wallet to prevent whale wallets.
🔹 Max 0.5% sell at one time to avoid large transaction dumps.


Champy's Fun Box

Tropical Tennis

Probably one of the most loved games available right now!

Work your way through the knock-out stages to get to the finals.  Remember, if you win the gold trophy you get to play the bonus game too....

Egg Up

This endless game will keep you amused for hours!  Bounce the egg using the tennis racket to reach the top, if you drop the egg you lose... only yorking... Its endless!!!

Champiooon Space Adventure

Navigate through space and collect CHAMP tokens to build up enough ca$h to improve your ship!  Don't hit any boulders though...

Space Orbit

One of the all time classic games!  Dodge champy's turret 400 to survive this fun game, but remember the higher the level the more bullets champy's weapon can fire!

Ice Cube Jump

How hard is it to throw and catch an ice cube?  Yeah I though it was easy too.  This fun packed game is all about co-ordination and accuracy.

Wild West Shoot Out

OK, so, who's got a gun?  Who knows how to use it?  This shooting game is full of fun.  Smash up the place but watch out for the bombs!

Zombie Driveby

Ever seen the walking dead?  The apocalypse has began!  Splat as many zombies as you can but try not to damage your vehicle.

Champiooon Matcher

WARNING!!!! SUPER ADDICTIVE.  I've been divorced twice since this game was released.  Candy crush ain't got nothing on this beauty.

Champ Dodge

This two-in-one game is more difficult than it looks!  Dodge the platforms to survive, or collect the balls to survive its your choice!

Dart Wheel

Try your luck with this fun dart game, try not to hit KryptoGiant...  There again... 

Tower Drop

The sky is the limit!  Build your tallest tower block to reach the moon. Remember... gain the CHAMP coins by landing the blocks perfectly.

Frog Tap

Hip hop... leap between the platforms to reach the next phase.  But, watch out for the spikes.

Road Rage

Do you have Road Rage?  Yeah most people do!! Dodge the cars whilst collecting the gems, don't speed up too fast though!

DiscoBurn Fire Globe

Forget flappy bird... this is DiscoBurn!!!  Jet pack that Disco globe to the next level and enjoy!!!

Rock Paper Scissors

Reaction timing is of the essence for this much loved classic game!

Altera Mining

Love mining?  This game is certainly for you!!  Capture the gold and gems before the time runs out.


Too the mooooon!  Blast off in your rocket ship to reach the stars! Lets Gooooo!

And much much more..............

Champy's Fun Box


Join us on the journey: founded May 2021.

Q1-2 2021

  • Setup Social accounts (Telegram & Twitter)

  • Build a strong community and social presence. 

  • Launch website.

Q3-4 2021

  • Partnership with Zonarmy, Marketing strategy and increase awareness.

  • Create smart contract.

  • Actively reward community with instant rewards (frequent competitions).

  • Fair launch, no presale or big wallets.

  • Lock liquidity and burn 30% of tokens.

  • Release @Champy_bot gamebot

Q1-2 2022

  • Launch whitepaper

  • Update website

  • Launch new games on Champy_bot

  • Enter Burn party (Discoburn)

  • Form partnership with DBT token

  • Launch farming (Altera).

  • Launch 2nd Telegram gamebot

  • Introduce Comedy hour entertainment

  • Launch comedy hour with DBT

Q3-4 2022

  • Launch new games on gamebot

  • Integrate leader board for gamebot

  • Investigate Metaverse integration

  • Grow team

  • Release 3rd gamebot

  • Prepare for next stage (NFTs)

  • Launch of new part of (NFTs)

  • Apply for first exchange listing.




Location: UK



Location: USA



Location: UK



Location: UK



Location: USA


K Bwell

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Location: UK



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