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Champiooon Token
Become the Ultimate Champ!

Whitepaper V1.3


Did you know, there are over 2 billion mobile games worldwide?  Gamers enjoy convenience and ease of free and fun games that are accessible from anywhere whether you are commuting or relaxing.  It’s the fun aspect that’s always keeps people interested.  With this in mind, the team at Champiooon have carefully fine-tuned the requirements and tailored a group of exclusive retro games that suit all tastes.  The games will be stored on a server connected to a gaming interface channelled through a telegram Gamebot.  Telegram is a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging service that can be used with IOS, Android and Windows platforms.  A unique customised Gamebot profile can be programmed within the coding to develop a game interface to allow users to play and share basic retro games solo or within groups.  Telegram gamebots can be accessed by all members signed up to Telegram and provide a fun aspect for all users.


The vision is to become the leading Telegram gamebot interface where people can play and share games within Telegram groups and channels easily.

Champiooon Token originally partnered up with Zonarmy gaming family group.  Zonarmy is an established family group centralised around giveaways through competitions and gaming.  The partnership enables Champiooon to become the leader for social entertainment by taking the lessons learnt and online experiences and applying to the business concept providing the ultimate fun and engagement for our community.

In April 2021 Champiooon became an official partner of Gamepix gaming networks taking full advantage of the advertisation and monetization package offered.

Shortly afterwards, In May 2021, Champiooon token partnered with Altera Token to deliver a custom farming platform for all investors.  

Champiooon Giveaways & Competitions
To help build a strong social community Champiooon will run daily giveaway competitions leading to a monthly event leader board, which in turn rewards players with free tokens to increase their token holdings.  The competitions and giveaways are held through the dedicated LIVE channel within Telegram.  Anyone can enter and anyone can win, all tokens are airdropped free of charge from the giveaway wallet (a wallet setup specifically for this purpose).  There are all sorts of different competitions such as mini games, shill contests and quiz to suit all tastes.  Why not give it a try!!


Champiooon LIVE gives gamers the opportunity to win free tokens daily by taking part in fun game competitions.

Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 CHAMP
(30% of initial supply has been burned at the start of the project).
🔹 4% Auto Liquidity.
🔹 3% Redistribution of CHAMP tokens to holders.
🔹 4% Marketing & Development.

🔹 Unique Burn function:  Holders Incentive Burn 20%:
2% burned at 500 token holders
4% burned at 1000 token holders
6% burned at 2500 token holders
8% burned at 5000 token holders

Useful Information for investors

🔹 Contract address: 0x11e2e1626271da1a6cb85abeb74302a7d2480d0e
🔹 10% Ambassador & Giveaway Wallet (purely for competitions and giveaways)
🔹 Liquidity locked for +7 years.
🔹 Max 2% wallet to prevent whale wallets.
🔹 Max 0.5% sell at one time to avoid large transaction dumps.

Use Case:  Telegram Gamebot
The team at Champiooon have worked endlessly to develop a telegram gamebot that can be accessed by all users in all groups/channels anywhere in the world.  Within the telegram gamebot there will be Champiooons very own advertising interface which will bring additional revenue to the token to increase the unit price value.

Advertising revenue.png

How it works:
Telegram bots have been around for many years, however gamebots are more complex to programme and will require game development to launch and deploy games online.  The exclusive Champiooon gamebot's can be found by searching the following handles in telegram; @Champy_bot / @ChampyPRO_bot (or clicking the link below).  Each gamebot will host up to 20x fun mini games.  Each interface will have its own USP such as monetisation or advertising.  Over time more games get added up to a total of 20x games to increase the game categories and build the gaming interface.

10 game image.jpg

What makes Champiooon's gamebots unique?
The benefit of Champiooon gamebot's are they provide unique advertising before each game, this becomes visible to all users/players each time they open a selected game.  









Advertising increases exposure of projects.  A small adverting fee will be charged for any new projects wishing to use this service.  50% of the money raised from advertising goes back into the Champiooon token to increase value, how?  Buy and burn function, this means that the token supply decreases and the MC increases, this will benefit the long term holders providing a forever inflating token value.  The remaining 50% will be transferred into Champiooon's marketing wallet to increase exposure by paid influencers to help increase the trading volume of the token.  All transactions can be tracked via the BSC network for full transparency. 
e.g.  Company ‘X’ wished to advertise a video to attract new investors.
Fee charged =  0.5 BNB
0.25 BNB will be spent buying Champiooon token supply.  The resulting tokens will be sent to the burn address meaning it’s not possible to access or sell these tokens at a later date, therefore increasing the overall value of existing holders tokens.
0.25 BNB will be sent to the Marketing Wallet (0xcF17ef11a2aF02Fe064cd0C831a7c7e795559d40) for future promotions to boost the token trading volume.

To effectively ensure the long term survival of the initial gamebot the leader board API function has been turned off.  This restricts the leader board table function within telegram.   This was a decision made by the team with logical reasoning.  Within Telegram channels the game leader board automatically locks into the channel, this means that each time someone drops the same game into the group the old leader board become visible.  This would jeopardise the advertising principle and key function for revenue and token growth.  


Champiooon Team



Location: UK



Location: UK



Location: UK


K Bwell

Location: USA



Location: USA



Location: UK


Business Roadmap

Q1-2 2021

  • Setup Social accounts (Telegram & Twitter)

  • Build a strong community and social presence. 

  • Launch website.

Q3-4 2021

  • Partnership with Zonarmy, Marketing strategy and increase awareness.

  • Create smart contract.

  • Actively reward community with instant rewards (frequent competitions).

  • Fair launch, no presale or big wallets.

  • Lock liquidity and burn 30% of tokens.

  • Release @Champy_bot gamebot

Q1-2 2022

  • Launch whitepaper

  • Update website

  • Launch new games on Champy_bot

  • Enter promotion event

  • Form partnership with Gamepix

  • Launch farming (Altera).

  • Launch 2nd Telegram gamebot

  • Introduce Comedy hour entertainment

  • Launch comedy hour

Q3-4 2022

  • Launch new games on gamebot

  • Integrate leader board for gamebot

  • Investigate Metaverse integration

  • Grow team

  • Release 3rd gamebot

  • Prepare for next stage (NFTs)

  • Launch of new part of (NFTs)

  • Apply for first exchange listing.

The information in this Whitepaper is subject to change or update and should not be construed as a commitment, promise, or guarantee by Champioon Token or any other individual or organization mentioned in this white paper relating to the future availability of services related to the use of the tokens or to their future performance or value.
It should not be interpreted as any type of investment, financial, or monetary advice.  This text is written for the sole purpose of explaining the vision of Champiooon Token, and informing the community.  The Champiooon team are by no means financial advisors and it is not a recommendation to buy or financial advice, It is strictly informational.  Any investment involves substantial risks, including, but not limited to, pricing volatility, inadequate liquidity, and the potential complete loss of principal. Investors should conduct independent due diligence, with assistance from professional financial, legal, and tax experts, on topics discussed in this document and develop a stand-alone judgment of the relevant markets prior to making any investment decision.
Under no circumstance can the Champiooon team be held liable for a failed investment due to price dumps that were out of the team’s control, nor any other type of lost investment.
Always do your own research and invest responsibly.  The team maintains the right to utilize the funds generated via the marketing and team wallet as they see fit for any purpose.

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